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 Letter sent to Gov. Robert F. McDonnell ;with a cc: to UARF;

Letters and Request

Letter sent to Gov. Robert F. McDonnell ;with a cc: to UARF;

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Former Governor and the Most Honorable Douglas Wilder, Esq.


Governor and the Honorable Robert F. McDonnell, Esq.

Prioritize transportation if it is a priority, then cut spending on the other items, there is enough money in our treasury for transportation and the needs (not wants) of government here. There is no need to raise taxes. Especially not in regionalistic ways or overall rather than user-based with sunset. Make use of Gov Wilder's Commission Report (tasked by Gov Warner). I attach it for your convenience. This would enable spending cuts approved by at least some democrats while not raising taxes and perhaps even finding another surplus, which, this time, could go toward transportation.

Republicans seem bent on self-destruction, and in an election year, why give the other team the fuel? Or is it true what some say, that republicans and democrats are the same, they all want to tax us now and there's really nothing we can do about it but shut up and keep working.

Meanwhile, Virginia's (America's) founding fathers roll in their graves that we would threaten property rights, the very basis of our freedom and prosperity. Root out the UN Agenda 21 bills and trash them. Become a hero: No UN Agenda 21 in our state. Virginia encourages small business, not incentivizing big business by taxpayer giveaways! That's the kind of thing we all want to hear.

We're doing OK on the gun bills, but just for the record, tell Virginia you understand: When seconds count, police are minutes away. They need us to be able to defend ourselves. Tell our federal government that not one of our Virginia law enforcement officers will turn on OUR citizens. They are sworn to protect, not round them up at the pleasure of our current administration. This is not a communist regime. In America, we have Due Process. We have Habeas Corpus. We have Posse Comitatus. Let's return Virginia to the rule of law and set an example for the other states.

And for God's sake get rid of the drones. If government has them, then citizens are entitled to have them, just as with guns.

No expansion of Medicare…and the resulting influx of more voting nontaxpayers moving to our state for the benefits of a TWO BILLION dollar expansion of taxes (what HB880 has been reduced to) by Sen Stosch's amendment. Do not allow this to happen to us.

Stand against the Constitutional Convention idea that ignores fact that states would have no control over what our Congress, with its 9% approval rating, would do for expensive years or decades of deciding who chairs, who rules, who votes and whether to hold the convention annually in Dubai.

Step up to the podium and tell us you are representing us, not the expansion of government, already unaffordable, and stop giving our money to Obamacare-crony companies and other special interests. We hunger for a powerful sign from our state leader that we will not tolerate the tyranny that comes at us from all directions this year.

Cary Nunnally
Newport News VA

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Letters and Request

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